General Stunts

Nine Lives: Cats have nine lives, or so the legends say. When you are taken out of a physical conflict, you can give your opponent a fate point to concede instead. You don’t get any of the fate points you’d get for conceding normally.

I’m Not… Dead… Yet: If you’re taken out of a continuing conflict—or have conceded—but are still physically present, you can spend a fate point to take a single action. You can use this stunt even if you died, taking a last gasp at life. You can only use this stunt once per conflict.


Leaper: You’re very good at jumping obstacles. +2 to Athletics when leaping onto or over things.

Death from Above: You can use Athletics instead of Fight when you jump to attack your foe from above.

Offensive Defense: Carefully positioning yourself, you make your opponents injure themselves as you dodge away. When you defend with Athletics and succeed with style, you can forgo your boost to deal two stress to your attacker.


Cat Burglar: +2 to Burglary to move by rooftops, chimneys, or other high places.

Getaway Cat: You can use Burglary instead of Athletics when you’re fleeing pursuit with ill-gotten gains.

Invisible Pockets: You can carry one or two small items, up to the size of a chicken egg, without holding them in your mouth. Nobody is quite sure where you hide them or how you get them back, and you can’t make them reappear if you know anyone is watching.


Ventriloquist: You’re good at throwing your voice. +2 to Deceive rolls to create advantages that make others think your voice is coming from a zone adjacent to your actual location.

Method Actor: No matter how unlikable you usually are, when you adopt a guise you ooze charisma. You can use Deceive instead of Rapport when you interact with someone under a false identity in a friendly way.

Lying to Myself: Your psyche is armored in a sheath of lies. Use Deceit rather than Will to determine your extra mental stress boxes.


Psychopomp: You know when someone is ill or dying. +2 to Empathy when detecting an illness or injury, even if it’s hidden, and when determining whether a visible death, injury, or illness is feigned or real.

False Friend: You use your relationship with a target to deceive her. You can use Empathy instead of Deceive against someone when one of you has an aspect defining a positive relationship with the other.

I Feel Your Pain: Once per session, you can transfer someone’s mental consequence to yourself.


Pounce: You’re an expert at pouncing from concealment. +2 to your Fight roll when you make your first attack of a conflict from ambush.

Dangerous Moves: Your every movement telegraphs your martial prowess. You can use Fight instead of Provoke to intimidate.

Scrapper: You’re used to punching above your weight. Once per scene, after a successful attack against something larger than you on the scale ladder (page 20), you can spend a fate point. If you do, your target must absorb your attack with a mild or moderate consequence, if it has any remaining.


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