Feline Magic

Human magicians use the principle of sympathy to cast spells on a subject through a picture or effigy. Similarly, feline magic uses the link between something’s name and the thing itself. Knowing the True Name of your target will make your magic easier to perform and more powerful.

Discovering the True Names of our enemies is a critical part of our work. This is an easy task for most humans because their True Names are the same as their given names. They’re careless and often speak their full names aloud or leave them lying around on pieces of paper for those of us with Seeking to find.

Sapient animals and supernatural creatures are much more cautious with their True Names—finding them out can be arduous indeed. Even spirits that were once human learn to adopt new names or titles. You might find their True Names written on tombstones or old papers. Otherwise, you may have to befriend the target, trick them, eavesdrop on them, or interrogate them or their allies.

Our most potent magics must be fueled by blood sacrifice. To lengthen and empower our spells, we will kill a small animal like a bird, mouse, frog, or rat and pour its life force into our spells. Of course, no decent feline would sacrifice a sapient animal.

There are four schools of magic. Each of us can only ever master one school and unlock its most powerful abilities, but experienced cats usually have some ability with all four.

  • Warding is the school of protection and defense. A master of the art is accorded the title of Warden.
  • Naming is the school of manipulation and control. A master of this school is known as a Namer.
  • Shaping is the school of self-transformation, and a master is called a Shaper.
  • Seeking is the school of seers and oracles. A master is known as a Seeker.


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